Miflats delivers affordable rented accommodation to areas in critical need of more housing supply.

With a combined portfolio and pipeline of almost 5,000 properties, we are a leading provider of affordable housing in and around London with an exceptional track record of creating the homes Generation Rent want to live in.

We buy, we get planning, we build, we rent, we keep. We are not builders looking to profit from selling buildings on. Our long term view means we are in a position to offer lower rents to prospective residents.

Since we were established in 2014, Miflats has worked collaboratively with communities and local authorities in places such as Basildon, Bracknell, Croydon, Merton, Kingston and Sutton to deliver developments that cater to the identified needs of the local area. That collaborative approach remains central to what we do.



The UK is facing a huge housing shortage. Over the past two decades it has become harder for young people to get on the property ladder leading to the creation of “Generation Rent”.

Generation Rent has often had to make do with barely affordable, sub-standard rental accommodation and this has to change and quickly. In response to that, our vision is very simple.

We provide quality, cleverly-designed, well-managed and affordable rented homes in areas where they are needed. Through our on-site concierge, we strive to create communities within each of our buildings.

Miflats buy sites, secure planning, create homes quickly, and operate buildings for the long-term. We are a leading provider of affordable rented homes, in and around London.



At Miflats, we are focused on delivering new, cleverly-designed homes that are built quickly in order to help local authorities meet their housing needs. Our average building occupancy level of 98% shows that we build homes that people want to live in, at a price that they can afford. That is why we have become one of London's leading providers of affordable housing geared towards Generation Rent.



  • 4614 TOTAL HOMES




We currently have eight buildings in and around London, providing affordable homes for Generation Rent. Each can be found on this map with details of the average rents and current occupancy level. To date, we have worked with five local authorities to deliver Miflats homes and we are continuing to look for opportunities to work with other local authorities moving forward.